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From the day you are born, you are bombarded with advertising telling you that “milk builds strong bones” because dairy is nature’s perfect food. Well, wouldn’t your own mother’s breast milk be nature’s perfect food? It is human after all and FYI, we are humans, not cows.

Yet somehow the dairy industry had managed a strategic advertising campaign that would convince you otherwise. Advertising has to target kids AND their parents because you’re more likely to buy something if your parents did. Talk about banking on nostalgia…

And guess what? Agribusinesses influence the USDA. Of course the food pyramid is going to recommend 2-3 serving of dairy if the chairman of the committee has ties to the dairy board. In fact 6 out of the 11 members of the advisory committee have ties to the beef, egg, and dairy industries. Or what about the “real men eat meat” smear campaign? Aren’t “real men” all men? What’s interesting is how susceptible the public is to corporate influence. And how subtle (and not so subtle) advertising becomes standard practice.

Watch 5 minutes of commercials, walk down the street, listen to the radio, or read a magazine. Look at how much animal products are pushed on the average consumer. They’re everywhere and they’re unavoidable. If you think you’re not susceptible to corporate influence, you are very much mistaken.

From a young age you are bombarded with advertisements telling you what to eat, how to dress, and how to behave, it’s no wonder why someone would vehemently argue for “their right to consume animal products.” In reality, you’re just a pawn in the giant cog that is agribusiness, and you’re defending exactly what they’ve pumped billions of advertising dollars into making you believe that what they’re selling is good for you. Pardon me for offering the facts, and not some biased bullshit served to you on a platter.

People think you’re obnoxious because you made a lifestyle choice that threatens what they were conditioned to accept as normal. Think about it. Who’s really shoving their views in your face? #vegansofIG


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I hate Mondays


I hate Mondays

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